Surrey Association of Sustainable Communities

Annual General Meeting

April 24/14


Present:  Cindy Law, Newton C.A., Mike Proskow, Country Woods Res. Assn., Doug Bell, Clayton, Barb Paton, Semihaimoo R.A., Darlene Bowyer, Port Kells C.A.,Bill McIntosh, Cloverdale C.A., Terry McNeice, South Surrey Ratepayers Assn., Rick Hart, Fleetwood C.A., Deb Jack, Newton C.A. / SEP, Liz Walker, Newton C.A., Rosemary Zelinka, Elgin R.A., Linda Stromberg, Cloverdale C.A., Bonnie Burnside Whalley C.A, Bob Campbell , Panorama C.A., Councilor.Barinder Rasode


Darlene Bowyer was appointed chair  and the meeting started at 6:33 pm


The Minutes of the 2012 AGM were adopted


We received an annual report from Rosemary Zelinka present coordinator


There was a lengthy discussion re: the future of SurreyASC which included  the following items

 — setting priorities of the association, making a resolution of what we would like to work on , having a forum to discuss items of concern, having a delegation attend a meeting to speak to us,update the website, a proposal to contact all community groups and  associates to get their concerns by having a well organized meeting in a venue  where everyone can be heard and leave with ideas , change things to be more assertive,build a framework with the city  with regards to  engaging  community, have concentrated meetings on certain topics such as LRT Coalition, Sharing Best Practises, Crime Reductions Strategy ,Bylaw Enforcement .


There was a motion put forward that SASC support a meeting of all levels of government coming together to find solutions to the crime/metal illness/addiction problems in our community and throughout the province. moved by Deb Jack, seconded by Mike Proskow carried


The 2014 budget was approved and their was discussion of finding meeting space that was free. Rick Hart said with enough notice he can arrange a meeting room at the Fleetwood Library, Darlene Bowyer has a free room at the Port Kells Community Hall and it was suggested by the Cloverdale  C.A. members that the new recreation facility in Cloverdale allows them to have their meetings free and we should contact their President to find out who he contacted to get a free meeting space.The Cloverdale library space is limited to 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm and the early starting time is a problem.


It was suggested by Counclior  Rasode that we apply for a beautification grant as there is lots of funds there not being used. Bonnie Burnside also mentioned a Mayor’s grant is also available.


Election of Directors, coordinator- Darlene Bowyer, executive Bonnie Burnside, Liz Walker, Barb Paton, Bob Campbell


We generally spoke about having 4-5 meetings per year or as needed and that the next meeting would be in May. The coordinator will look into the space available and advise the group of the time, date and venue for the meeting. Terry Mc Neice of South Surrey Ratepayers donated $60.00 to SASC to support future meetings.


We adjourned at 8:30 pm