Thursday, March 17, 2011, at 7.00 pm


Port Kells Community Hall, 18918  88 Ave.


Persons present:   Darlene Bowyer (Port Kells CA), Leonore Bradley (Guildford Community Partners Society), Ann Cassidy McDougall (Bolivar Heights CA), Debra and Roberta Davis (Semiahmoo RA), Bob Dhaliwal (W. Panorama Ridge RA), Maryanne Eyers (South Westminster RA), James C Hunter (Port Kells CA), Deb Jack (Surrey Environmental Partners),  Barb Paton (Semiahmoo RA),  Lilli Poole (Port Kells CA), Grant Rice (South Westminster RA), Fred Weber (Ocean Park CA), Liz Walker (CRONIC), Rosemary Zelinka (Elgin Ratepayers and Coordinator for Surrey ASC).


Regrets - George Davies (Royal Heights Group)


1.           Chair for the Meeting


Fred Weber was appointed Chair of the AGM.


2.           Guest speaker


Dan Bottrill, Deputy City Manager for Surrey, spoke regarding new City initiatives and programs, particularly those in his area of responsibility.  He mentioned a new community centre in Cloverdale, the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre in the City Centre, the City Centre Library, and the new City Hall which will have a plaza capable of holding 500 people for events.  The Community Enhancement Grant program has awarded 11 grants (5 for landscaping projects, 3 for community events, 2 for antigraffiti and I for a community entrance project) and has received 4 applications so far in 2011.  With regard to the Sustainability Charter, a Corporate Emissions Plan has been developed, with a target of a 20% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020, Sustainability Indicators and Targets have been received by Council, a Sustainable development Checklist is being prepared, a Community Action Climate Plan is to be started with an extensive public consultation process, a Green Energy Strategy is in place to assist companies in Surrey, and agricultural and food sustainability goals have been implemented through pocket farmers’ markets, community gardens, and the Flavours of Surrey project.


Questions to Mr Bottrill, which he will respond to, include:

Expropriations for the 192 St flyover, status of a new pool for Guildford, Semiahmoo town centre plans, Council’s shirt sleeve sessions and whether they are open to the public, how to implement greenhouse gas emission regulations, our comments not being included in planning policy reports, bylaw enforcement (especially at weekends), how to close multiple suites in a house, insurance for workers on community enhancement grants, letters to the City not being responded to, whether there was public consultation before the federal Government decided to put a new parole office in Newton, and how the materials from a pilot organics garbage collection are being disposed of.


Mr Bottrill also advised that if funds for the Community Enhancement Grant run short, individual projects may be taken to Council to see if Council will approve additional funding.


Mr Bottrill was thanked for his presentation and left the meeting at 8.30 p.m.


3.           Coordinator’s report

It was moved by Barb Paton and seconded by Leonore Bradley that the Coordinator’s report for 2010, as circulated, be approved.  CARRIED


4.           Financial report

It was moved by Barb Paton and seconded by Darlene Bowyer that the 2010 Financial Statement be approved as circulated.  CARRIED


5.           2011 Work Program and Budget

It was moved by Darlene Bowyer and seconded by Ann Cassidy McDougall that Surrey ASC cut its general meetings to five per year, to be held in January, March, May, Sept, and November.  CARRIED

It was moved by Barb Paton and seconded by Darlene Bowyer that the 2011-2012 Annual Work Program and Budget be approved.  CARRIED


6.           Annual Dues


It was moved by Grant Rice and seconded by Ann Cassidy McDougall that annual dues be set at $25 per association, or in kind volunteer labour ($12.50 per hour). CARRIED


7.           Election of Directors


The following members were acclaimed to serve on the Executive for 2011-2012:


                            Darlene Bowyer  (Port Kells CA)

                            Ann Cassidy McDougall   (Bolivar Heights CA)

                            Bob Dhaliwal     (West Panorama Ridge RA)

                            Maryanne Eyers  (South Westminster RA)

Barb Paton  (Semiahmoo RA)

                            Fred Weber  (Ocean Park CA)

                            Rosemary Zelinka (Elgin Ratepayers)


Thanks were expressed to Bonnie Burnside and Grant Rice for their many years of service on the Executive. They decided not to run for election this time.


8.           Adjournment


The AGM adjourned at 9.10 p.m.