Thursday, October 21, at 7.00 pm

Port Kells Community Hall, 18918  88 Ave.


Persons present:   Darlene Bowyer (Port Kells CA), Rick Hart (Fleetwood CA), Barb Paton (Semiahmoo RA),  Mike Proskow (Country Woods CA),   Liz Walker (CRONIC), Velma Wilson (Cloverdale CA), Rosemary Zelinka (Elgin Ratepayers and Coordinator for Surrey ASC).


1.  Chair for the Meeting

Darlene Bowyer was appointed Chair for the meeting.


2.  Approval of Agenda

The Agenda was approved as circulated


3.  Guest Speaker

Anna Mathewson, the City’s Sustainability Manager, spoke about the proposed indicators and targets to measure implementation of the City’s sustainability charter. Her presentation is attached.


4.  Approval of Minutes

The Minutes of the September meeting were approved as circulated.


5.  Business arising from the Minutes


(a)  Strategic Plan

The Coordinator passed round a draft of the Strategic Plan, noting that more work is required on the Governance and Finance sections.  It was agreed to table this matter until January, 2011.


(b)  Secondary Suites

The Coordinator and Rick Hart presented their impressions of the meetings of the focus group chaired by the Mayor that is providing advice to the City on legalizing suites. It was noted that the Mayor wants to legalize suits asap.  She is opposed to closing illegal suites until sufficient legal suites have been created, so as to avoid putting tenants out on the street.


It was agreed to inform the City that we support legalizing one suite per single family dwelling, subject to the required conditions of prohibiting multiple suites, compliance with the BC Building Code, being owner-occupied, having an additional parking space, and paying appropriate utility fees. In addition, we feel that owner-occupancy should be required through housing agreements rather than through the Zoning Bylaw which cannot govern the users of buildings, just the use.  The importance of enforcement to close unsafe and multiple suites will also be emphasized.


(c)  Bylaw Enforcement Committee

Darlene Bowyer reported that the Committee had met and was arranging to meet with the City’s Chief Bylaw Enforcement Officer.



6.  Any other business

(a)  It was noted with regret that Wady Lehmann has passed away.  Although not a member of Surrey ASC, Wady was very active in the environmental community and was instrumental in saving Green Timbers as a city park and natural area.  Several Surrey ASC members will be attending his funeral.


(b) Members were advised of the following  community events:


Community Consultation Workshop -  Coun. Barinder Rasode’s follow up to the series of meetings she held last winter.  Saturday, Nov. 13 at 10 am at Chuck Bailey Rec. Centre.


Visions for Surrey – 5 town centre meetings in November regarding the outcomes of the TownShift project (flyer attached)


OCP Review stakeholders meetings – for Community Associations on Nov. 9. at 5.30 pm in the Pondside Café at City Hall.


7.  Next meeting:   


November 18.


8.  Adjournment: 


The meeting adjourned at 9.15 pm