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Join us to ensure your voice is heard on issues affecting your community.


The objective of the association is to promote and maintain the interests of the residents living in South Surrey and to work with adjoining community organizations to promote common interests.  We work to ensure that our beautiful corner of the world remains a liveable community for all residents.


The association endeavours to keep members apprised of development issues in the area and raises money to support various community initiatives such as the All Candidates Meeting we hosted during the last Surrey Civic Election, newsletters and presentations to City Council to discuss any proposals affecting our area.  To ensure we are up to date on all issues in our region we regularly send members and speakers to any meetings that might impact the liveablity in the region including residential and commercial development, transportation changes and improvements, and supporting infrastructure proposals and we also work with the province of British Columbia to express needs such as schools, hospitals and community centres. 


We are a non-profit, self – sustaining group of dedicated volunteers and our only real source of funding is through donations and memberships.  We keep the membership fee at $10 per annum so that anyone interested in issues that can deeply affect our quality of life may become involved.  However, should members be in a position to afford more, we certainly would appreciate it.  Your membership dollars go to printed materials advertising and communications with members and costs associated with candidates meetings and others. 


We are also looking for more volunteers.  If you are a whiz at flyer design, or are interested in member communications, or have legal or computer or city planning skills or, just really want to make sure growth in your community is sustainable and in keeping with the neighborhood, please let us know, we would love to have you aboard and welcome any amount of time you can give.