Thursday, September 16, 2010, at 7.00 pm

Port Kells Community Hall, 18818  88 Ave.


Persons present:   Bonnie Burnside (Whalley CA),  Darlene Bowyer (Port Kells CA), Ann Cassidy McDougall (Bolivar Heights CA),  George Davies (Royal Heights Park Group), Deb Jack (Surrey Environmental Partners), Cindy Law (CRONIC), Barb Paton (Semiahmoo RA),  Grant Rice (South Westminster RA),   Liz Walker (CRONIC), Rosemary Zelinka (Elgin Ratepayers and Coordinator for Surrey ASC).


1.  Chair for the Meeting

Rosemary Zelinka was appointed Chair for the meeting.


2.  The Minutes of the June Meeting were approved as circulated.


3.  Remembrance of Wally Sandvoss

Darlene Bowyer spoke in remembrance of Wally Sandvoss who passed away a few weeks ago.  It was Wally’s idea to create Surrey ASC and he was a devoted supporter of our activities.  She described Wally as a driving force in community building, who was an inspiration to others. He will be missed very much.


4.  Election to Executive

Darlene Bowyer was acclaimed as a Director to fill Wally’s position on the Executive.


5.  Bylaw Enforcement Committee

Concerns were expressed that this committee, which was formed in March, has not yet met.  As a result, Darlene Boyer was appointed Chair of the Committee, with a mandate to report back to the Nov. monthly meeting of Surrey ASC.


6.  Strategic Planning Session

Rosemary Zelinka presented the work from the two previous sessions reworked in a series of charts, one for each goal, plus governance and finances.  Actions were listed, along with columns for resources needed, costs, and priorities.  There was detailed discussion of these charts, until time ran out.  At that stage, the governance and funding charts had not been addressed.  Nevertheless it was agreed that the work program for the year was now apparent and that no further work sessions would be used to further develop the Strategic Plan.  Rosemary will draw up the Plan and discuss it with the Executive. It will then be circulated to membership.


One immediate priority emerging from the session is to make application to the City Community Grants program for funding to produce display panels encouraging people to join community associations, which can be used at Surrey’s community festivals. This would require a commitment from Surrey ASC to volunteer to man the display booths, which in the past has been difficult to obtain.  The Executive will work further on this idea as the application deadline is Sept. 30 and there may be other sources of funding.


7.   Next meeting:    October 21.


8.   Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 9.30 pm