Thursday, Feb.19, 2009, at 7.00 pm

Port Kells Community Hall, 18818 88 Ave.


Members present: Darlene Bowyer (Port Kells CA), Doug Bell, Leonor Bradley (Guildford Community Partners Society), Bonnie Burnside (Whalley CA), Deb Jack (Surrey Environmental Partners), Nick Kapty (Cranley Place RA), Cindy Law (CRONIC), Lucie Matich ( Port Mann CA), Sonia Nazar (Bridgeview CA) Barb Paton (Semiahmoo RA), Grant Rice (South Westminster CA), Wally Sandvoss (Port Kells CA), Velma Wilson (Cloverdale CA), Fred Weber (Ocean Park CA), Rosemary Zelinka (Elgin Ratepayers and Coordinator for Surrey ASC).

Guests: Rick Hart (Fleetwood CA), Lesley Tannen (Downtown Surrey BIA), several members of Whalley CA and Port Kells CA.


1. Chair for the Meeting

As Coordinator for 2008, Rosemary Zelinka chaired the Annual General Meeting.


2. Confirmation of membership

Forms were distributed for members to sign that they are representing their respective community organizations and authorizing distribution of contact information under the Protection of Information and Privacy Act.


3. Coordinator’s report

It was moved by Barb Paton and seconded by Nick Kapty that the Coordinator’s report for 2008 be received. CARRIED


4. Financial report

In answer to questions, it was explained that Surrey ASC’s Bylaws do not provide a position of Treasurer and that financial records are maintained by the Coordinator, with major expenditures being approved by the Executive and cheques signed by two directors. In the coming year, the Board will review these arrangements to investigate if creating a separate Treasurer position is necessary.

It was moved by Nick Katy and seconded by Wally Sandvoss that the 2008 Financial Statement (attached) be approved. CARRIED


5. 2009 Work Program and Budget

A work program and budget was presented for 2009, based on expenditure of current funds. It was noted that applications are being made for a number of grants that would be expended on the three main programs currently under way if they are awarded (see attached work program and budget).

It was moved by Wally Sandvoss and seconded by Barb Paton that the Work Program and Budget for 2009 be approved as presented. CARRIED


6. Election of Directors

Darlene Bowyer, as Nominations Chair, presented the following slate of Directors to comprise the Executive for 2009:

Bonnie Burnside

Barb Paton

Grant Rice

Wally Sandvoss

Fred Weber

Velma Wilson

Rosemary Zelinka

After calls for nominations from the Floor produced no additional candidates, the above seven persons were acclaimed as Directors for 2009.

7 Adjournment

The AGM adjourned at 7.25 p.m.

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The year 2008 has been a busy and progressive one for Surrey ASC. During the year, we have accomplished the following:

* We held eight monthly networking meetings, each of which was attended by 8-25 representatives of community associations and groups. Speakers include City staff from the City’s Planning Dept. Much information was shared regarding community association activities.

* We have continued to provide advice, as requested, to the public regarding setting up community groups and to existing groups regarding administrative matters.

* In March, we were awarded a grant by the United Way to carry out community capacity building and community development in Surrey. We would like to express our thanks to the United Way for the grant, and also to the Ocean Park Community Association, which, as a registered charity, is acting as our sponsor for the grant.

* We expressed support to the City regarding its Crime Reduction Strategy and urged the implementation of its recommendations.

* In May, the Now Newspaper published a pull-out supplement regarding Surrey ASC and the activities of community associations (thanks to Bonnie Burnside for arranging this).

* In May, we held a very successful workshop on Building Strong Communities, with guest speaker Jim Diers. This workshop was attended by nearly 90 people.

* During the year, we were invited by the City to participate in public consultation processes regarding the Surrey Sustainability Charter, the Parks, Recreation, and Culture Master Plan, and the Transportation Plan.

* We continue to be a member of Surrey’s Community Association Advisory Committee.

* We were a delegation to Surrey Council regarding the outcomes of our Building Strong Communities workshop, the need for an updated City website re community association contacts, and regarding the potential redirection of budget funds to provide small matching grants for community groups.

* We made application to the Canada Revenue Agency to become a federally registered charity

* We made a presentation to Surrey Council, requesting improvements to Surrey’s public communications and consultation systems.

* We made a presentation to Surrey’s Finance Committee, requesting information regarding grants for community organizations and urging the provision of small matching grants for community groups undertaking community asset building and community development (at its next meeting, Surrey Council approved a $25,000 Neighbourhood Matching Grant program).

* We made application to the City of Surrey for a community grant to assist in the holding of three workshops and were awarded $500 to spend on a workshop on Sustainability in the Home.

* Following our workshop on Building Strong Communities, we decided to concentrate on community development in Newton, where there are few community groups undertaking this type of activity and where there are a number of social issues. We held two meetings with knowledgeable residents and social agencies, to plan a community development program for Newton.

* In November, using our United Way grant, we hired a part-time community developer to further our work in Newton, to arrange several city-wide public workshops, and to apply for further grants.

* During federal and municipal elections, we remained neutral as an organization and did our best to be not political.


I’d like to close by extending my thanks to my fellow directors – Bonny Burnside, Nick Kapty, Barb Paton, Grant Rice, Fred Weber, and Velma Wilson. Due to growth in our activities we probably held more Executive meetings than was anticipated and their participation is very much appreciated.


Rosemary Zelinka


Surrey Association of Sustainable Communities

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FEBRUARY 19, 2009


Opening Bank Balance - $2,215.69


Grant from United Way 20,000

Total receipts 22,215.69


“Building Strong Communities” workshop 4,621.85

Administration 361.97

Total expenditures 4,983.82

Closing Bank Balance $17,231.87

Surrey ASC had no additional assets or liabilities in 2008.

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Our work program for 2009 consists of three main programs:

* Continuing our information-sharing and liaison work with community associations and emerging groups, including our monthly meetings;
* Holding several City-wide public workshops to inform and educate the public regarding sustainability and to assist community associations in their activities;
* Encouraging the formation of community groups to work on bettering their neighbourhoods, especially in Newton.

The amount of work that we will be able to undertake in Newton will depend on how much funding we can raise to pay for our community developer, about a half of whose time will be spent on the city-wide workshops.

The budget described below is based on our current assets only. Grants will be applied for throughout the year, and additional revenue is anticipated, which will allow the community developer’s time to be extended to continue to work on the three main programs described above.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



Current bank balance $17,231.87

City of Surrey Community grant 500.00

Total receipts 17,731.87


City–wide workshops on Sustainability etc. 2,500.00

Expenses of community development activities in Newton 2,000.00

Administration 1,000.00

Communication and monthly information/liaison meetings with

community associations/groups 1,000.00

Community developer, part time for 6 months plus expenses 11,000.00

Total Expenditures 17,500.00

Balance $ 231.87