Thursday, March 19, 2009, at 7.00 pm

Port Kells Community Hall, 18818 88 Ave.


Members present: Bonnie Burnside (Whalley CA), Deb Jack (Surrey Environmental Partners), Cindy Law (CRONIC), Dave Moffat (Country Woods RA), Sonia Nazar (Bridgeview in Motion) Barb Paton (Semiahmoo RA), Velma Wilson (Cloverdale CA), Fred Weber (Ocean Park CA), Rosemary Zelinka (Elgin Ratepayers and Coordinator for Surrey ASC).

Karen Kreis, Community Developer


1. Approval of Chair

Fred Weber was appointed Chair for this meeting.


2. Agenda

The Agenda was approved as circulated


3. Minutes

The Minutes of the February general meeting were approved as circulated.


4. Business arising from the Minutes

a) Karen reported that the City-wide workshop on Sustainability is proceeding slowly as potential participants are not responding and this workshop is not likely to occur until May. Bonnie will call her contacts at SFU to see if this project can be moved along.

b) Karen reported on progress with the Newton community development project, now named “Renewing Newton Neighbourhoods”. Four neighbourhood forms are now scheduled for April, thanks to a grant for $2500 received from the BC Healthy Communities. These are being planned in cooperation with the Newton core planning group. The project is proceeding on budget.

The question of Surrey ASC taking out liability insurance annually rather than for individual events was raised. Rosemary has a quote of $850 for such a policy for $3 mil insurance with $1000 deductable (which is a standard amount). It seems the City requires $5 mil if we ever want to use its facilities. Individual events coverage costs about $200 each. It was moved by Barb and seconded by Velma that expenditure of up to $1000 for an annual insurance policy with $5 mil coverage be approved, and that any variation on these amounts should be approved by the Executive. CARRIED

c) The Coordinator reported that sending a letter to the City urging replacement of the Beautification Coordinator was overtaken by events and as a result has not been sent. The City is now advertizing this position. Concern was expressed that City staff may have completed the detailed criteria to assess applications for Neighbourhood Matching Grants without further input from communities.

d) The Coordinator circulated the financial statement for the first three months of the year, which shows minimal expenditures except for fees paid to our community developer which are within the approved budget.

It was moved by Barb Paton and seconded by Bonnie Burnside that the financial report be received. CARRIED


5. Reports from Member Organizations

Sonia Nazar reported that she is now representing Bridgeview in Motion as she has resigned from the Board of the Bridgeview Community Centre.

Barb Paton reported that Semiahmoo Residents are meeting with City staff re the plan for the S, Surrey Town Centre now that the developer has withdrawn his application for redevelopment of the Semiahmoo Mall area.

Deb Jack advised that Surrey Environmental Partners has sent a letter to the City objecting to the City allowing the filling in a ravine in Campbell Heights to prepare it from industrial use before it has been rezoned for that use. She feels the City’s Sustainability Charter should prevent such changes.

Dave Moffat described concerns re the City allowing a neighbourhood concept plan (NCP 5A) to be prepared for part of Grandview Heights in advance of its intended order because the majority of residents want to sell their properties for redevelopment. He also mentioned that Country Woods is developing excessive surface water, much more than usual, and wondered if this relates to the amount of development now occurring in Grandview Heights.

Cindy Law suggested that it would be useful for all potential polluters in an area to have emergency numbers of community leaders in case of a potential emergency, as Cloverdale Paint recently requested.

Fred Weber advised that Ocean Park CA is considering applying for Neighbourhood Matching Grant Funding to spruce up and adopt a local park.

Bonnie Burnside reported that Whalley CA has its AGM on April 8. The CA is questioning the City regarding a potential move of the Moziac. The new recreation centre is to be named the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre.


6. Any Other Business

a) Rosemary, Deb, and Barb reported on a focus group they had attended regarding the City’s Ecosystem Management Review (environmentally sensitive areas). This meeting was preparatory to holding Open Houses about the identified areas. They expressed concerns that environmentalists were not invited to participate earlier, at the terms of reference stage, as the areas are being mapped on a city-wide scale, where it is very difficult to assess boundaries (and where the City’s answer is that such boundaries can be determined at the NCP stage). Some environmental areas have been missed, and agricultural land outside the ALR has not been so identified. A computer model has identified ecosystem corridors throughout Surrey, linking natural areas, playing fields etc., without it seems, much scientific basis. As yet, there is no info about how areas identified on the map would be protected, other than general mention of the toolkit available to do so.

As a result of the concerns expressed at the focus group, afurther meeting is being held. It was agreed that Rosemary would continue to represent Surrey ASC at these meetings and express concerns as warranted.

b) We have received an invitation to have input to the City’s review of its cycle and walking paths. It was agreed that we would request to be kept advised but that we are too busy with other projects to provide input at this stage.


7. Next meeting

Due to the four Newton forums being held in April it was agreed that the April general meeting of Surrey ASC would be cancelled, and members would be invited to attend one of these neighbourhood forums instead. They could consider if they would like such meetings extended to their areas, if funding permits.


8. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9.25 p.m.