Minutes of Meeting, May 15, 2008


Present: Bonnie Burnside (Whalley CA), Rick Hart (Fleetwood CA), Barb Paton (Semiahmoo RA), Grant Rice (St Helens Park RA), Wally Sandvoss (Port Kells CA), Rob Terris (Tynehead CA/Guildford Community Partners), Fred Weber (Ocean Park CA), Rosemary Zelinka (Elgin Ratepayers and Coordinator for Surrey ASC).


1. Appointment of Chair

Fred Weber was appointed Chair for this meeting.


2. Approval of Agenda

The Agenda was approved as circulated.


3. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Moved by Barb Paton and seconded by Bonnie Burnside, that the Minutes of the April meeting be approved as circulated. CARRIED


4. Business arising from the Minutes

(a) Report on Workshop

The Coordinator reported that the workshop on May 10 was a great success with about 80 people attending. A quick analysis if the 38 evaluation forms that were returned showed that Jim Diers was regarded by almost all as an excellent speaker and the overall experience of the workshop was also rated very highly. In terms of how people heard about the workshop, response was quite varied and included all means that were used, although e-mails and by word of mouth were most common.

Dislikes included the political speakers (30% of respondents), plus a few comments that there was not enough time to talk.

In terms of what should be covered in future workshops, comments were widespread. About 40% of respondents favoured more sharing of ideas and experiences, a few were interested in effective communication with City Hall and several suggested actually doing a project in a day as a demonstration. There seemed to be a consensus that Surrey ASC should to continue this work.

It was agreed that political speakers would be discouraged at future events.

Bonnie Burnside will send notes of thanks to Cheryl Hubbick and those who made presentations at the Workshop. Thanks have already been extended to Jim Diers and Coun. Hepner by the Coordinator.

(b) Next steps

There was considerable discussion regarding what type of event, if any, should be held in the Fall, due to the municipal election in mid-November.

Rick Hart reported that Fleetwood is considering doing a community asset mapping process. There was discussion as to whether the City could put more community resources on its website, in order to improve communications.

It was agreed that as a first step, Surrey ASC should request to be a delegation before Council regarding the possibility of the City putting funding into a small grant system to enable community groups to become established and undertake projects. This funding could be taken from underutilized programs such as the matching grant program for sports capital funds or could be a line item in next years budget. Bonnie Burnside and Rick Hart will work on this. Due to difficulties in any emerging group in raising fund, this should not necessarily be a matching grant fund, unless sweat equity is taken into consideration.

It was also agreed that Surrey ASC will encourage greater participation in areas of Surrey where there is not much activity, perhaps by organizing a community meeting in the Fall. Encouraging more community participation in Newton was discussed and Barb Paton volunteered to organize a Surrey ASC display at the Newton Festival on June 7.

(c) Sustainability Charter

The Coordinator reported that she had attended the Social Sustainability workshop organized by the Mayor, as had Bonnie Burnside representing herself. In accordance with a motion approved at the last Surrey ASC meeting, a letter was sent to the Mayor asking for more input either by staff attending one of our meetings or by holding a Community Associations Advisory Committee meeting to discuss the Charter. The letter also pointed out that this Committee had not met for 13 months. No response has been received, to date.


5. New Business

As the Coordinator is going to be away for 6 weeks, it was moved by Grant Rice and seconded by Barb Paton, that Fred Weber be Acting Coordinator during this period. CARRIED


6. Report from Member Groups

(a) Rob Terris reported that there is meeting organized by Metro Vancouver regarding the future of Tynehead Park on May 29, from 7 to 9 pm, at the park.

(b) Bonnie Burnside reported that Holland Park will be opened on May 24. The Whalley Community Festival is planned for June 14. in Moziac Park. The Farmers’ Market will open on June 4, on land at the junction of W. Whalley Ring Road and 102 Ave. The Fusion Festival will be held in Holland Park from July 18-20

(c) Proposed traffic calming measures in Ocean Park are now proceeding.

(d) There will be a performance by the White Rock Community Orchestra at Port Kells Community Hall on May 25.

(e) Barb Paton advised that a public open house will be held on May 22, regarding a proposal to redevelop the Semiahmoo Mall with apartment towers up to 36 storeys in height and with a reorganized retail component without a mall.


7. Next Meeting

To be determined. It was agreed not to hold a meeting in June.


8. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9.10 pm.